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Diagnosing Endometriosis - the best London clinics? Your recommendations wanted please

Hi, I have an appointment with my GP this week where I will request to be referred to a gynaecologist for my very painful periods.

I have suffered from extremely painful periods since my teens. (Vomiting, severe muscle pains which last at least 2 days). I went on the pill at 16 which reduced the pain slightly but not much. I came off the pill last year as I am trying to conceive. Since being off the pill the excruciating period pains have returned and it is affecting my life. I've missed a lot of time off work because of this and I fear the pain and absence from work will only get worse.

There is a history of women in my family (my mother, two sisters and an aunt) so I'm concerned I may also have this. My second concern is that these painful periods may be what has affected my husband and I from conceiving.

Can anyone please recommend me a London clinic/Gynaecologists where you have had good experiences?

Thanks a lot for your help


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I can't recommend a clinic but have a look on the following website.


Best of luck.

Barbara x

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PinkHat1 - google Dr Trehan. He is a private Gynae, in Harley Street London he is expensive, but his percentages for lowering pain, better life etc are good. His apparently the best in this country. Hope this helps you.

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Mr s banerjee who works at ashford, and Saint peters surrey has done all my surgerys if this is not to far for you best of luck


Thanks everyone with your recommendations!


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