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Hi Everyone. Just wondering if anyone else has issues with Cerelle. I have always had prolonged periods with in between bleeding and brown/black bloddy discharge. I started taking it almost a year ago. The first four months were awful and I seemed to have a period/bleed every couple of weeks. Things finally settled down and I had no periods or in between bleeding for 4 months which was great. :) My periods started again,and are lasting 10-11 days although usually only 1 heavy day then extremely light. I finished my last period last Tuesday, and had period type stomach ache on Sunday and have been bleeding again since, although a lot of it is this yukky brown/black bloody stuff. Has anyone else had this, and any suggestions?

Thanks in advance. xx

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Hi Clumsy1, I had exactly the same problems with cerelle as you, hated it and was only able to take it for three months for exactly the same reasons as you describe. As well as that horrible bleedingI kept getting cramps on one side. Didn't suit me at all and now back on combined pill. Hope you get it sorted soon and feel better xxx


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