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Why do i have my period again

I had my period christmas day til new years. The month before that my period was normal, although i am not sexually active i am on birth control. I was skipping pills and such which is why i assume my period was early. Now, i have brown discharge which signifies my period is going to start again. I am on the sugar pill of it right now which is why i suppose its starting back up. I take the pill again friday. Is there anything i can do or do you know what is wrong

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Hello, I think as you were skipping pills your hormones got confused, you had a period and now having brown stuff you think period maybe coming again. I stopped my pill once abit early and then period was strange and also messed my cycle (what cycle it is on pill) and another time I took pills back to back and this also caused brown bleeding. I don't think there is much really you can do except wait till Friday and start the cycle of pill again and stick to it. With having Endo and PCOS myself I know its only the pill which keeps everything regular and stable, anything slightly amiss then body soon picks up. Don't worry about the blood being brown, mine was, its ok.

You haven't be any chance been taking any herbal/natural remedies as some of these can interfere with the pill and cause bleeding when not meant to? I suspect it is simply the case of you skipping pills as happened with me, but if you are worried then ask GP, but am sure once you start back on the pill Friday things will soon even out again. Are you normally regular with bleeds on the pill? Hope it helps to know you are not alone with this. take care and here if you need a chat.


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