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First lap was clear other than a ovarian cyst. No follow up... Now what?

So had my first lap on Monday 7 years after first complaining of painful intercourse.

Doctor popped to see me when I was in recovery to tell me they hadn't found any signs of endo. Only that he had removed a ovarian cyst. He mentioned going to a dietician and said I no longer needed to see gyno specialists so he wasn't going to give me a follow up appointment.

Just wondering if anyone has been through this, am I going mad and imagining this? Where do I start again on getting some kind of answers? Back to the gp?

Thanks for any advice xxx

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My advise is let them check what they need to ie bowel urine specialist if nothing is found and your still suffering keep a diary food drink periods etc then if you do end up back at gyn again you have more evidence to give them I am currently eating for my second lap as fist was clear five years ago and symptoms got worse when I came off the pill. But best to get everything looked into x


Definitely look in to your diet as certain foods and drinks do make pains worse- whether you do have endo or not. It is a good idea to find out what foods and drinks your body is happy with and which ones make pain worse for you.

Just having an angry cyst- can cause a lot of pains - so you may feel so much better once you have got through the post op healing process, and may just benefit from taking menstrual controlling drugs to give you a break for a while. Like back to back BC pills, or even the mirena (though that does carry a slightly higher risk of new cysts forming in some ladies.)

Another option which might be causing similar symptoms to endo but is not endo- is adenomyosis- which we tend to shorten to 'adeno' on this forum.

Similar to endo but hidden inside the muscle walls of the uterus the disease behaves in a similar way- bleeding in to the muscles during periods and causing much more pain than regular period pains do.

The website for all things adeno is


It would not ordinarily show up on a lap op because it is well hidden inside th muscles whereas endo grows on surfaces and is easier to spot at a lap op.

But it could show up if you had an MRI scan while you were on a period and the bleeding in to the uterus wall was evident causing swelling lumpy uterus walls as the blood is trapped there.

Definitely something to consider when no endo is found in a lap op - and yet you still have all the tell tale symptoms of endo.


Hi ladies my names is Misty... I've dealt with for the last 10 almost 11 years.... I have been to 6 different doctors even went out if town thinking someone Would help, but no nothing no help at all besides giving pain meds which like you said didn't even take the edge off... I have had 4 surgeries to remove the endo including a hystorectomy last yr which didn't help one bit because the idiot Dr left my ovaries because he said I only had a few spot if endo and he took care of it... Obviously when he did that he should have known as long as the ovaries are there it will continue to return.... So sure enough two Weeks after surgery I was hurting again:(.... Well I went to my family Dr because of the pain patting that maybe he could see something that the others didn't see had a ct scan and he referred me to another gyno.... I was so iffy about going to yet another Dr that probably tell me the same thing but I went anyway well I went in and sat there from 1-6:30 to be seen... When she finally came in she did a pelvic exam and pressed on my stomach a little horrible pain enough to low on the bed and cry the whole time... She told me she wanted a ultrasound and a ct... I told her I had just had one done a couple months before so she told me to bring her the report so I did even better I brought her every ct and alysa's I had had from the last 4 yrs...wow that was a stack... Well she finally called and said she wanted me to come in for yet another ultrasound which was also so painful I could barely lie through!! Well as soon as that was fine the Dr cane in and looked at the report and said ok I saw a spot in the abdominal wahl on one of the ultrasound from before your hysto the spot is small about 2x2 by 2x2 cm... Well she looked at thsame spot on the ultrasound I had just had and it had grown to 3x6 inches in a year time... She scheduled me for a lap for that Friday to go in and see and remove it!! Well i went in on a Friday morning in October it was suppose to be about a45 min surgery well I came out almost 5 hrs later with my stomach cut from one side to the other... She had to take 18 inches across my stomach and 6 inches up and down from the abdominal wall took so much out she had to pretty much do a tummy tuck so I would have a flap of skin hanging down....they removed my left ovary which was encased in endo and she cut out my csection scar and removed some small spots in the abdomen.. She said it was the worst case she had ever seen and didn't know how I've felt with the pain ask these years.... I'm sharing my story ladies because there us hope I have been smart 2 months with no pain it is a amazing feeling!! she told me that alot if 411 don't look in the abdominal wahl when you say you are hurting they always assume its in the abdomen not the wall.... It took 10 long years for someone to finally figure out what was right in front of them the while time... Good luck ladies and maybe you can use this story to help you out...i wouldn't wish endo on my worst enemy!!


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