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Late period, feeling unwell, very bloated any advice ?

Hi ladies . I have endometriosis I was previously on injections however I had my last one October 2012 . It took months for my periods to get back to a normal period. I've had 4 regular 'normal' periods and now I'm 5days late I'm on day 35 of my cycle. I don't feel like my period is even on its way I have twinges in my womb area and little cramps , I've felt very wet thinking my period is here but it's just been discharge. I am worried something else is wrong. Can anyone advise? Thanks xx

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Maybe do a pregnancy test?x


I did hun the day my period was due it was negative. Xx


It might be worth doing another hun if yout a few days on from that. I'm not sure what else it could be unless the dreaded endo has decided to mess your cycle up.xx


Thanks Hun. I feel stupid though because knowing me will probs be endo messing up my cycle again...... I felt terrible at work today and left early. I've now got real bad chest pain behind my left breast bone and near armpit, dono what that is all about but it's killing me.

I think I may be stressed a bit with work but think because I just dt feel well and I'm now day 35 of my cycle. I can't think why my period hasn't come. I rang my hospital and they said that if period hasn't arrived in few weeks then do another test. So not a lot else really :( thanks x


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