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Hysteroscopy day sugery NHS funding available for sub fertility treatment?

Hi ladies

Really need a reply for this.Is there a NHS funding for day surgeries.Right now we are qualified only for sub fertility treatment.After my HSG was done,doctor said that i might be having a polyp(as my uterus shape was abnormal)

recently.so wondering if the hysteroscopy is covered under sub-fertility level funding.Please throw some light on this.

Thank you

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Hi I had an hsg test in July and then a laparoscopy in October because only one of my tubes were clear I am back at hospital in December to see what the outcome of the laparoscopy was. Not sure if they can do anything more for me after that because I am no eligible for a ivf. These tests have all been done on the NHS.


jojoni...u mean this hysteroscopy is a part of sub fertility treatment and is under NHS right?


Hi I've had all tests done and having op to remove tubes so I can have ivf. All of this was done on nhs but the ivf I don't qualify for funding so once we get to that we will have to pay.


hi lilly flower,even i don't qualify for ivf :(

praying that things will move soon


It's a bit of a nightmare isn't it. Sorry to hear your in same place as me. Have they checked your tubes? This and other things to find out cause of infertility will all be covered. My doctor refered me to fertility specialist on nhs and they will do all tests needed and any ops if need it's only ivf treatment if that's your only option that isn't covered. I'm too old for funding at 36 in my area but who knows maybe it will change over next few years! I'm trying to keep hopeful but savingour pennies too!


Polyps are routinely removed in all manner of patients...I don't see why your one would be an exception. They are common and frequently removed for biopsy just incase they happen to be malignant.

Polyps can grow in all sorts of places, not just in the vagina/cervix/uterus region, but in the bowel and colon, in the respiratory tract too. A relative of mine recently had two removed from inside his colon. I have a few cm long fingery polyp growing up from my cervix in to one half of my split uterus.

It's still there, I was told it would be removed, but like everything else, its a very long queue at my local for anything to be treated. I can't feel it , didn't even know it was there till a scan, so it can wait for he time being. I'm not in any hurry for another procedure anyway.


Impatient...i understand mine is never an exception,and i do know about polyps coz i had one removed 2years ago !

but the wait time is really worrying me coz we may stay only till may'14.& i NEED TO HURRY !!

Thanks anyway !


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