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Hi ladies! Has anyone with endo in the pouch of Douglas ever been pregnant?

Hello ladies. I was wondering if any of you ladies have been or know of someone who has been pregnant with Endometriosis in their POD. I am a fellow endo sufferer and am in the very early stages of pregnancy. I have adhesions sticking my uterus to my rectum and while a consultant 2 years ago said it would be fine I can't help but worry. I'm a good 6 weeks away from a scan and am a nervous wreck! Your experiences would be good to hear xxx

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I have endo in my pod and other places aswell as adhesions, I've had 2 successful pregnancies with beautiful little babies at the end of it. Try not to worry too much. Maybe see if u can request an early scan!? X


Hi I have had 3 successful pregnancies. Endo in POD plus adhesions diagnosed after the second pg. Hope all goes well. My gynae gave me an early scan which was reassuring.


MY grandaughter had what you have,.and was also worried understandbly i would like to say within 2 months of ytrying she got caught with my lovely great grandaughter SIENNA, IShe did have a scare as she had a bleed within the first 2 months and of course panicked.but a weeks bedrest and every thing went swimmingly the bleed may or may not have had anything to do with the endo i just mentioned it to let you know even that was ok and not to worry too much much just try too relax and enjoy regards sue


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