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Professor and doctor

It maybe a stupid question...

Can someone tell me what position professor is in the hospital? My consultant is a professor in University of hospital who is doing my lap next week. I totally mixed up with a professor in University (in education) and I thought he is a doctor but now he belongs to University (and teaching).

I think I am wrong and he is a professor in doctor? My friend told me that I am lucky to have a professor to do my lap than doctor because they no more about it?

Is a professor higher than a doctor?

I had a doctor who did my lap in 2011 and she referred me to this professor, is this mean she as a doctor couldn't do anymore as I was too bad so she referred me to the higher professor??

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Sometimes they are both, they are a qualified doctor but they also teach or take lectures and have become a professor. Especially if it is a teaching hospital. I might be wrong but I think that is the case.


The term professor is used in academia/ teaching and university hospitals. To become a professor in any subject the person has usually done extensive research into something within their field eg endometriosis, miscarriage and will often teach other professionals about this too. Just because a dr is not a professor doesn't make them less good, it's just that you may be super lucky to have someone in your area who is especially interested in endometriosis or a specific problem associated with it, and they have chosen to work within a teaching institution and do 'normal medicine' ie treating pts as well as research to try and further the knowledge available in their field of expertise. Some doctors may only see a condition a few times in their life, but often in teaching hospitals they see complex pts or rarer diseases more often, so the unusual becomes usual and so they become better at treating it or knowing what may work best from more experience. Does that make any sense? X


Ps a medical professor will definitely be a qualified doctor first x


Yes!! Ur so lucky to have a professor treating you. They are above consultants and more experienced in the field, what pea-twin said is correct. Good luck for ur opp xxxxx


Thanks you all. I feel a lot better now as my Tuesday lap was organised last Wednesday as there was a cancellation so it was so sudden. I would have ask more question to my consultant but he has been off sick and he was back recently. If I can't get through to his secretary on Monday I have to talk to one of his team doctor on the day but I think I can trust him. If he can't find my cause of pain I don't know who can!

Take care you all.


Good luck for your op x


Thank you lemmi

Take care xx


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