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Tender Enlarged Uterus - Should I be worried?

Hi, I had a hospital consultation last week (not had one for 2 years as been left to take lots of hormone meds). The consultant asked me when the last time I had a scan was. I told her it had been over 2 years ago. She looked a bit puzzled and said that she wanted me to be scanned again as she has felt that my uterus seems larger than it should be, is quite clearly very tender and feels hard. I didn't really question this at the time but now I am starting to worry. Should I be worried at this stage or is it normal to have a uterus like this with endo?

All replies greatly received as going slightly mad x

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Some women do have an enlarged uterus with no cause and no side effects.

But it can be a sign of adenomyosis (which is very similar to endo) but only grows inside muscle walls ususally of the uterus but I have read some reports that it s suspect for bowel muscle too.

The adeno website for all things adeno is


unlike endo, adeno can be resolved by having a hysterectomy when you are done with your uterus or it is causing you too many problems.

Treatment for symptoms are the same as for endo. They both bleed when you have a period, so taking measures to not have a period is the resolution for both adeno and endo as far as bleeding is concerned.

There are quite a few ladies who have endo and adeno, but there are some who just have one or the other. They are separate cell types so are considered as separate medical conditions even though in many ways they are similar.

Adeno is not nearly so common as Endo, but it isn't rare.


Hi Katt,

I just wondered if you'd be able to tell us (me!) how you got on? I'm going for an ultrasound and transvaginal scan on Thursday, because of an enlarged uterus (picked up on an internal examination). It would be good to hear from someone who has been through similar.




I had an enlarged uterus. I then had an internal scan which showed either fibroids or adenomyosis.

I was then referred to a specialist who wanted me to have an MRI.

I got my results last week and along with severe Endo/adhesions I was diagnosed with adenomyosis (diffuse type).

Best of luck to you. X


Hi hoppityhop

The scan didn't really show much and I had a laparoscopy but not much showed up there either. I asked to have an MRI to check for adenomyosis but the hospital refused so I am no further forward in my diagnosis. Sorry that I couldn't be more helpful. Hope your scan goes ok x


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