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wen u expect it

so finally went docs about my bowels and the new things i have experienced...my worsed fears realised...theres a high chance the endo is in my bowel...i have to have full bloods a vagina internal and a rectal internal and then back to the hospital for a camera up my back side...nice i know...and wen your doc shakes his head and looks at u like your life may have ended with the words "your so young" u know the shits about to get bad!!

i know this sounds bad but havent told my partner i was losing blood from my bum..so i went to docs and thought it was time so i told him..... last nite had alittle tiff nowt bad..he ended saying that i have to get my shit sorted(endo) and get back to fucking work!!....im so hurt the one person who should have my back is the one attacking me for being poorly...wat the fuck....i knew he wud end up hating me for being "broke".....and now its growing were ever and however it likes and i have to answer for it...shit can this disease bring me to my knees and destroy everything around it!!!!!!

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I am so sorry your partner is being so un-supportive. I hope you have support from elsewhere in your life like family and friends and you can always speak to us here xx


Crystal x


I am sorry he didn't support you . I hope you have got a good support of friends and family . You are not alone . Xx


Hi Missee, try not to panic just yet abt it possibly being on the bowel. I have all the bowel symptoms and i pass blood when i open my bowels. I convinced myself that my bowel was in a right state and was dreading what they would find during my lap but it turned out to be a patch of Endo on the entrance of my rectum which they lazered. Although the lazering has made it ten times worse and ive since discovered they shouldn't lazer Endo they should do an excersion x


O men how the other half live hey, I,m sorry to say he aint worthy of your time! I (had) it on my rectum too and was exised 4 weeks ago. Up to now i have only had 1muscle spasm a week ago but no other symtoms or pain. I went to an exision specialist and had 2 excision laps in the last 7 months. Now for the last 5years since I have had endo I am pain/symptom free. But its a temperamental disease as we all know. I know it is a terrifying thought of it being on the bowel but my op went well and a lot of ladies too have uneventful ops for bowel endo. I was told poss colostomy but didn,t happen. Apparently it is very unusual for it to penetrate the bowel wall and is mainly on just the surface of it. My sigmoid colon was also twisted right round with scar tissue which occurred after my last op when he just simply checked if I had endo. I didn,t have it there but it has twisted afterwards. Something tells me if it twists once it will twist again. Just great and to think there was nothing wrong with it before he checked. I,m sure things will be ok for you as a good surgeon should be capable of this kind of op. I don,t know if you have a good surgeon but its defo worth 'shopping around'. Good luck X


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