Raising money for Endo UK

Raising money for Endo UK

Hi Im Natalie 34 and a fellow endo sufferer for many years. In april this year I will be having a go at the Brighton marathon to raise money for Endometriosis UK. Im hoping to raise a min sponsorship of £650 so am looking for ideas of how i could raise money aswell as sponsorship through the just giving site. Someone suggested to me that i post amongst these boards so if anyone feels that they want to support me and endo UK please feel free to follow my link to the just giving page where id be very grateful now matter how big or small

Thanks Nat x justgiving.com/NatalieGalla...

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  • Hi Natalie, what a great thing to do, I the exact marathon in 2010 the first ever one, and my first marathon is was so amazing, I have to say most of my money came from face book, I just kept posting weekly, and also took sponsor ship forms to work, but that was it really you will be surprised how people like to give, hope it all goes well, kirdy xx ps I will sponsor you too xx

  • Hi Nat,

    Best of luck from all at Endometriosis UK.


  • Thank you both for your kind comments and thank you also Kirdy for offering to sponsor me im really touched by the kindness of strangers. Their is a link on my profile page, let me know if you have any problems. xxx

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