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I have no endo right now had lap on Thursday

I had endo nodule cut away from rectum also there was an adhesion on rectum sticking it to my V. My sigmoid colon was twisted but didn,t have endo on. He untwisted it and my ovaries were clear. He took out 1 fibroid out but has left 4 fibroids still in. After my lap in August they cut out endo but left some on my rectum and on Thursday after op when gynae came to speak to me he said at this moment in time i have NO ENDO. He said from last op it hasn,t grown back and he cut away the remaining endo that wasnt dealt with in August. If it is correct it is the best news I have had in the 5 years I have had this thing. Its just amazing but I cant really believe it right now. Its too good to be true. I know it does grow back eventually. I am disappointed he didn,t remove my other fibroids they are intramural/subserosal. But having no endo is just music to my ears. Really I am in shock. I am sore at mo and am taking lots of pain tabs. X

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I'm really happy for you, and keep in mind that endo is unpredictable, it might not come back. If they managed to remove everything, the chances you have to get it again are very low.

Have a speedy recovery :) xx


ENjoy your endo-free world and fingers crossed it remains that way.I like happy news.


Jojo and impatient. Thank you so much for your kind replies, they are lovely. XX


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