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Mirena helps with Endo

Mirena helps with endo. I had mirena put in about 5 months ago which directly affect uterus by suppressing estrogen, and I also take pills to deal with adenomyosis. My pain is almost controllable now, still has bleeding once a month with some pain. I don't have to take pain killer though. I changed my diet to include mostly organic food but I stil eat sweets and drink coffee and eat meat. I am still thinking about a surgery because I don't like to take so much hormones. But I also get adhesions from surgery and that will cause more pain. When you put in a MIrena, it might hurt a lot for a few weeks or more, but pain should go away. I recommend Mirena, but use your own judgement and do a lots of reaserch on Mirena on your own before makig a decision.

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Thanks for your post. I am having a Mirena inserted during surgery once all my disease is removed. I am sort of confident in it, but its good to hear a positive experience from someone else. i have been in more extreme pain this weekend, and am looking forward to getting my surgery over with on the 4th of November.

All the best xx


Have you used CBD oil for pain? It does help. Heating pack also helps to certai extent. Hope you surgery goes well! If you have some pain after the surgery, it could be from Mirena. Some people have hardly any pain, but I did. But the pain will go away after a few weeks to a month. Take care youself :)