Allergy reaction when parsnip or carrots are pealed!!!

I get bad reaction, constant cough, runny nose and sneezing when I am in the kitchen when parsnip is pealed or carrots are pealed!!!!. This last for 1 hour.

Any one out there have similar problems and treatment? I try to avoid going to the kitchen but some time is it unavoidable!!

Any offer of help is appreciated.

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Get a parsnip or carrot peel it bysomeone and rub it on the inner side of your elbow...if no reaction look for another cause.


Thanks. I take it, I ben my arm and rub it at the joint?

I have had prick allergy test. What reaction am I looking for on my skin?

My understanding in the wetness of the veg in the air goes into my nose and mouth and then react! If I put a mask it helps but not 100%.

I always peal the veg in sink this is the lowest point in the kitchen.


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