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Allergy reaction when parsnip or carrots are pealed!!!

I get bad reaction, constant cough, runny nose and sneezing when I am in the kitchen when parsnip is pealed or carrots are pealed!!!!. This last for 1 hour.

Any one out there have similar problems and treatment? I try to avoid going to the kitchen but some time is it unavoidable!!

Any offer of help is appreciated.

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Get a parsnip or carrot peel it bysomeone and rub it on the inner side of your elbow...if no reaction look for another cause.


Thanks. I take it, I ben my arm and rub it at the joint?

I have had prick allergy test. What reaction am I looking for on my skin?

My understanding in the wetness of the veg in the air goes into my nose and mouth and then react! If I put a mask it helps but not 100%.

I always peal the veg in sink this is the lowest point in the kitchen.


Hello sandybrown, I have just noticed your post and would say just avoid these two vegetables and any other you have an allergic reaction to, there must be so many other vegetables which cause no problems at all - in my case it is onions and shallots so I never use them and have adapted my favourite recipes using leeks or chives or a little garlic with no problems at all. I can never see the point of struggling to use or eat something one is sensitive to if an alternative product can be found - of course this tactic avoids the need to take an antihistamine or other type of medication which can only be a good thing. Best wishes - Curleytop1.

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