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Dust mite allergy

help I have a dust mites allergy which has been controlled very well for the last couple of years , but now I am coughing like a donkey and it isn't going , after a sore throat a couple of weeks ago this started , any ideas out there I take ceterizine 10 mg daily also nasonex. 50 mg my GP suggested one etra tablet when symptoms appeared again , problem is it causes such dryness in my respertary track

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Any antihistamine medication do make the human body dry up!

Was it allergy testing identified "dust mite"?

The best thing is to keep a food diary and also the home environment diary, process of elimination can help. Fresh veg and fresh fruits do give reaction at different time of the year.


Many thanks for your answer, a food diary haven't heard about that and no proper diagnose only my G P believing it was, hospital thought it was asthma a year or so ago , I think it may b something to do with the Christmas tree which isn't a real one perhaps it's dusty ! Thanks

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