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Hi. 6 months ago I went to the doctors and he said I had tonsillitis but it went after like a day and my throats didn't hurt though. But since then my glands have been constantly swollen, and my right tonsil has been sort of swollen and white for most of that time. And now I went to the doctors as I had a fever, swollen tonsils, throat pain, ear pain and my eyes are a little bit swollen, painful and crusty. Doctor said that I have tonsillitis again, but sometimes the pain in my throats comes and goes. I have a lot of pressure In my ears they feel like they need to pop, and my eyes are bloodshot, does this sound like tonsillitis again? Or maybe glandular fever or a sinus infection? Please help x

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Also, I do also have really blocked nose, and now a lot of phlegm

I go to the doc with this a lot he says, its Sinusitis and gives me a z pack and I'm good for a few months, till my next allergy trigger.

Dylan2000 in reply to cyninvb

I think it could be that as I'm getting a lot of headaches aswell lately

ya, im going to doc in the box today, when i start with the awful headaches i know its time to go.

cyninvb in reply to cyninvb

hope you feel better soon.

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