Hello All,

I'm just here to enquire about a couple of medical question's I don't seem to be getting awnsers for,

some time ago I have rhinitis in 2013 since then my nose has been blocked and running but maily just blocked I also sneeze throw-out the year, Everytime I go to my GP I always have inflammed nose and throat,

back in august I had a virus possibly a cold, I was not bed bond but didnt feel to good in general, dizzyness, running nose, sneezing, tight chest, shortness of breath, feeling abit sick but was never sick, this lasted for around 7 days but the tight chest and short breath lasted around 14 days, I went to my GP and they just put it down to a virus, shortly after this maybe 1 or 2 days of feeling ok I started choking on food and have not been able to eat since I'm 29 year old male and living on complan for the past 9 - 10 weeks with nothing else I get the odd occation where I can manage a little soup but find it hard to swallow the slightist thing such as chopped up herbs or a thick liquid,

I have had a barium swallow and they have said I have mild esophagus spasm, this makes me feel like im being stranggled I do get acid reflux and feel acid alot of times a day and take lansoprazole 60mg per day but still no change in eating,

Since august Ive seen several doctor's and not had any awnsers as I said above my nose and throat are imflammed all the time with sneezing and a blocked or blocked and running nose, has anyone been threw simular? or has anybody known anyone to go threw simular?

Thank you

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  • I believe these two conditions can be linked gastric reflux and sinus problems and very occasionally the gastric reflux can cause a sinus problem.Have a look online at the connection.It was a surprise to me and I am a Nurse.