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NHS nut allergy- self diagnosis?

As a baby my daughter had a diary allergy that gave her severe eczema. She grew out of this but at the time they also did skin prick and RAST tests that proved positive for various nut allergies. She's avoided all nuts for the last 5 years and her only symptom was her lip once massively reacting to something and swelling up. This week we went back to the NHS to see if she could be retested, or to see if coconut oil really was something she had to avoid as it's in so many foods now. The advice from the paediatrician was to try all the nuts at home, start with putting them on the skin, then the lip and then eat some. My 13 year old daughter is scared stiff by the thought of this, even though we'll have an Epipen to hand, and I'm not keen on it either.

Has anyone else had this advice? Is this standard NHS policy now?


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I think I would take a second opinion before giving this a try. I also suffer from Nut Allergy and would not dream of it. Better safe then sorry they say.


OMG..Im with your daughter...It scares me and im 43. xx


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