Hiya am new in this community on here I have mild/allergy related asthma, hay fever and very blocked sinuses, suffer from nosebleeds. Can 't have decongestants, nasal sprays, steam inhalation. After many trips to Gp, said am going to have my sinuses washed out. Any one else had this. If so what does this entail?

Any tips for a dry mouth, as currently mainly am breathing through my mouth

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Hi and welcome

Hopefully someone who can advise you will turn up soon.



try sucking sugar free sweets i find this helps, ask your doc about inhalers, Ventolin and beclomethoside, for your asthma, also have you had any test to find out which allergens you are reacting to. so you can avoid them where possible


Hi bookworm,

This sounds similar to NeilMed which is an at home sinus cleaner. It's a good alternative to medication (especially when you can't take it!).

Have you heard of it? If not look it up, you might find it really useful.

All the best to you


hey bookworm, welcome.

I actually have unpredictable, but yet rather intense, nosebleeds despite the use of decongestants or nasal sprays. however I have never had a diagnosis from any medical professional who can say with any certainty what causes the problem - it's been really frustrating and I still haven't found a solution.

I never had a sinus cleaner because usually I don't specifically have problems with my sinuses - sorry I can't be more helpful for you!


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