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I moved in last Monday so I’ve been here exactly a week now. I just got my stuff unpacked fully and now just have my kitchen and bathroom to organize and then all I have to do is furnish and decorate! I’m also getting a second job so I can continue to afford this place and still live and eat. I had to go visit my parents for the holidays as my mom temporarily declined in her health so my last paycheck was only 200 dollars and I’ve been trying to money crunch and just havnt been doing it so well so far. I only have to make it to Saturday and my parents have helped me as much as they can but they’re currently out of work so all they can give me is the little my moms been earning from her small business even though I told her to keep it. It feels so nice to live on my own it’ll feel even nicer when I can eat more then a meal a day 😂😂 and now I can teach myself to cook once I can get some pans!!!

Add in: it’s been six months now and I still enjoy living on my own but I wasn’t able to keep working two jobs. I was unable to keep up with my health working two jobs (and management at the second job absolutely sucked ass) so I went back to just one job and I get by. I’ve gotten a kitten named Solar Belle or Solar for short and she’s an absolute sweetheart, my mom is doing okay minus the heat. I have not learned to cook as I barely get but so groceries are too much of a risk money wise I just eat from my work since I get 50 percent off a meal every shift I work. My mental health has been fluctuating and my apartment is a disaster but I have couches and a real bed so I got no complaints lol. I’m also now 21 (go USA 😂😒) so I get to go do things like shoot pool for a dollar a game at the bar. I’m okay at it and I really enjoy it as a pass time honestly. It’s a very good relaxer after a long shift. Every shift is a long one btw. I still only have one meal a day most days and we can’t forget to load in the energy drinks haha. I’ll be honest I sometimes consider moving back with my parents and getting on the job my dad works and get a camper if my own so I’m still on my own but close to help when I need it and not just scraping by wondering if I can afford food for a whole two weeks. I tried losing weight a few months ago… that didn’t really happen lol. I like food too much and my body says no to movement outside of work most nights. Freedom from my parents has always been my dream, now that I’m actually alone in my own house tho it’s very lonely and frustrating.

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