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Has anyone had speech problems with brain fog?

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I'm just wondering if anyone has experienced the same thing I have. I'm still going through the process of diagnosis. I have flare ups of my symptoms and one flare up I have regularly is always around September time. Last September I had a really bad flare up where I had a terrible foggy brain. My immediate memory was affected but also my speech. Now in January I still have problems with brain fog, memory and speech. Has anyone who goes through brain fog had problems with their speech? Thank you for reading.

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Yes I have brain fog, often driving I forget where I am or where I'm going. Short term memory, also have forgotten people and cannot remember faces either 🤪

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Thank you for your reply.

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Yes. I still have the speech problems which are worse right before a migraine but the brain fog has cleared up. I'll say something and it's not the word I meant to say, for instance. My best theory is that it was (and continues to be, I'm still learning) nutrition deficiencies.

Though with all this attention on long covid, I'm wondering if that flu I got back in 2009 gave me some sort of "long flu" symptoms for a while afterward. Or maybe it was that time I got a concussion.

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