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Has anyone been to a residential pain management course? If so what was your experience.

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No including guys and at Tomas or the private clinic, as I won't be able to go there.

My care team are looking at Bath or Stanmore. But I think Bath might be able to deal with my level of need better.

Thank you!

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Hiya! I went to Stanmore years ago and have said that I'm now interested in doing the 3 week course as I only did the 2 week one. I thought it was incredibly helpful, I really enjoyed it and the people were lovely. When I went it was very different but 2 of the girls I met there have both been more recently and have been multiple times. What's your main concern if you don't mind me asking?

Hi, my main concerns are that they wouldn't manage the level of support I need, they wouldn't have a side room I could stay in (I don't cope with ward environments) and that they would have there own ideas about how much I could do on terms of pacing and cause a crash.

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