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EDS and period pain

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Hello, I have always had particularly painful/ heavy periods but it’s always been somewhat manageable with medication, however have found in the last year it’s got so so bad and has made my pain flare up really badly in the week before as well as making me sick and having awful cramps and migraines during, I was wondering if anyone has experienced the same and/ or found any medication or methods that help as it ends up affecting 2 weeks of every month at the moment with the week before almost being worse,

Thank you xx

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Have you talked to your GP about this? Has anyone looked into endometriosis?

Hi lovely! Sorry to hear you’re struggling. I have EDS and also have endometriosis. My Endo flare ups cause my EDS to be worse due to the surge in hormones and the tissues becoming stretchier. I’ve tried to research and do believe there may be some kind of connection between EDS and Endo. Your symptoms sound exactly like mine. Try to push for a referral to an Endo specialist for diagnosis xxx

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