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Big artery in neck


Hi guys! I don’t want to sound silly but I have a huge artery in my neck (obviously normal to have an artery there) but it has been getting bigger and bigger to the point where several people have started pointing it out. Could this be another effect of ehlers danlos? With the stretchy tissue causing my arteries to stretch? Is it a symptom of vascular EDS and should I get it checked? It’s a very large artery that has started to get bumpy in texture.

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Yes, get it checked out pronto. EDS can cause vascular dissections.

Thank you for your response!❤️ That’s scary, I’ve been very nervey about it and my mum (who is a nurse) has been nagging me to get it checked... since I was diagnosed with EDS 3 years ago I haven’t had a single check up or follow up...

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