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Newbie signed!

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Hi everyone! Ive just found this wonderful site & wanted to introduce myself & say hello! Im not the worlds best with things like this, so apologies in advance! Im Keleesi, a 44yr old young-at-heart (but old-in-body! Lol!) stay-at-home MamaBear-of-4 & Mamma to 2 gorgeous grandbabba bearcubs! Im fully wheelchair-dependent & rarely go out anymore these days, so i think this "online jobbie" cud be a bit of a lifeline?! I look forward to meeting others in the same kinda boat? (If thats the rite thing to say?!) Again, apologies beforehand!

Thanx also in advance!xx

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Hey, Iv just seen your post. What an amazing name ! Welcome to the site hunni it’s packed with lots of info and lots of people on hand to help out if you have any concerns etc or just need to off load x

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