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Bath pain clinic inpatient, please help

Hi guys , I got rejected from St Thomas as I’m not independent enough for their clinic ( they could of told me that on the phone insted if making me do a extremely painful 9 hour round trip)

So now I’ve been referred to The one in Bath

Does anyone have any experience there? What is it like? I’ve never even heard of one there only even st Thomas

Im only 28 and a mum to a 5 year old I’m going for chronic pain in my hip, hyper mobility. I’m bed bound on crutches and use a wheelchair when I’m out and about and can’t sit for longer than an hour 😒

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I went to bath clinic and saw Dr jenkinsin. They were okay but their main focus is sports injuries. I cried in his office as I was in so much pain but he apologised and said all they could offer was physio which I had already tried so I discharged myself cause i didn't want to travel the distance each week. Things may have changed though.


How long ago was this?

They said to me they help people who need more help , getting around/cooking etc . Did you have any of that help?


I did go quite a few years back. They do have a website with reviews on it. You could take a look?


I can’t find any reviews and I don’t trust their website for reviews as they are never honest and don’t bother putting up the bad ones that’s why I put this post here as I wanted some real life reviews

Thank you anyway


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