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Blue badge & bus pass

My son has hEDS and POTS, since going to OT he was recommended to apply for blue badge (for my car) and buss pass, has anyone had any problems getting these ?

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My son has hEDS and we have had a Blue Badge for a few years now. We don't bother with a bus pass as we have no buses where we live (I think we live in 19th century Gloucestershire!).

Blue Badges are issued by individual councils rather than central government so different councils do different things. I filled out the form online, sent in the appropriate photos and stuff and a lovely lady from the council rang me for a chat. She approved us, then asked if there was anything else the council could help us with! I know, shocking to find a helpful council!

I have heard that others have had trouble, for instance there is someone with EDS who is a doctor who has moved from London where she had her Blue Badge to Leeds, and she is having trouble getting it transferred and Leeds are making her have a new assessment.

So as they say, your milage may vary!


Oh ok, that’s helpful thank you, well let’s see what they say!


Thank you, I have appealed the decision and sent a detailed symptom list so hopefully they will reconsider.

I do think that if the people who are issuing the pass or blue badge don’t really know about EDS, they make a decision based purely on PIP mobility.

Fingers crossed


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