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Positive and speckled ANA


Hi all.

I was wondering if anyone here has a positive ANA or speckled ANA?

I had to go to another rhmy in December, my gyno wanted to see if I could have an op and it would be safe, so I had a full assessment with a new Dr.

Funnily enough he did a full examination, really thorough. My Beighton score was higher (8/9) compared to last time, and looked at everything.

Anyway, I needed the full print out for the gyno this week, so had the report. He diagnosed my with EDS hypermobile type. But I was looking at the blood work he ordered and the results.

I had a positive ANA, it's always positive, but I'm given no reason, years ago it was dismissed as a possible false positive. I also have a speckled pattern ANA too on these results.

I've seen the positive result, but never a speckled one and know it can be connected to auto immune disorders, but didn't know if it could be attributed to EDS in any way.

Thanks for any feedback.

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