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My eyes always feel tired and strained but the optician appointment I have a little over a year ago told me that I have an extremely slight astigmatism, so slight he couldn't even recommend glasses. I get blurry spots like I'm staring at light, sometimes resting and blurring my eyes myself feels better than having them focused and they sting! I've stopped wearing eye makeup as much because it just adds to the uncomfortable feeling. I've been seeing floaters pretty much every day since I was a kid. Anyone had anything similar where your eyesight is technically fine but really not?

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Is it possible that your eyes are extremely dry? I have Sjogren's and one of the symptoms is dry eyes. When they are very dry my eyes seem tired and irritated and things go a bit blurry etc. I use artificial tears and that normally sorts it out – even if only temporarily.


Blurry spots, or blind spots, correct name "scotomas", ask to see an ophthalmologist to get a clearer idea, or if there is a problem or not, or if you feel there is a real underlying problem ask for a CT scan or MRI scan. this maybe nothing at all or something serious.


I have quite a prominent astigmatism which I was born with and had two ops which failed.. Also, I have the blurry spots that you describe and floaters.. I have also been told my glasses are fine, the right ones for me even though I am finding them really difficult and at times, can't even recognise people across the road from me..

I don't wear make up, can't even use cream, concealers or oils under the eye as it seems to soak through and cause more blurring, like looking through a net curtain.. It makes my eyes sting too..

I was told the floaters are harmless but I have twisted vessels behind my eyes.. Also, my eyes have changed shape over the years, more rugby ball shape, that can change your focus..

Maybe, you can ask for another test, some conditions are taken into consideration so it's worth asking.. Also,have you had the photo taken of the eye? It cost me a small amount but was worth having...


I bought some cheap eye drops and the moisture seemed to help a bit so o bought some proper Optrex ones for tires eyes! So I'll give these a go and hope they help. If not, I'll bring it up at my rheumatologist appointment and hope he'll include it in his report to my GP, with all of the other EDS symptoms I'm hoping I can get help for! Thanks everyone xx

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I have very dry eyes too, for years. I liked my contact lenses as it is convenient with swimming and easy with wearing sunglasses etc but it is getting harder to wear them. They make me tired. I tried the eye drops but it doesn't help me that much. :-(

It's not easy isn't it.



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