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Here it comes

Well my fellow Edsers, the Veteran administration is implementing a law that anyone who does not have cancer will mot be on Opiates. My GP told me either volunteer to come off or you will be made to do so and this law will soon be nationwide. I ask him what in the world was going to happen to all the people with chronic pain. He said it wAs not his issue to fugure out since tbe president has waged war on opiate addiction and appointed Christley to head the fight. He passed legislation when he wAs in charge of NJ that only a five day script would be given in cases of emergencies. God help is all😇

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I don't see how they can do that without doctors approving?!

It'd be worth petitioning


That sounds grotesque and wrong. I cannot see how that is legal - isn't it up to doctors what they prescribe?


That is disgusting. How come it is okay to discriminate against the disabled. We need to fight back!

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The right wing take over of the world right now is not good for the sick or disabled, sadly. We get in the way of their idea of a perfect world and so the more they can make us suffer, the better for them.


Excuse me, I was wondering if you knew where I could find more information on that? Do you know if any articles have been published?


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