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Got my appointment through

I updated my old post, but I don't think it's appearing.

Anyway, after a three month wait (I've been putting off chasing it up with the GP surgery) I have got my appointment through for Dr Kazkaz in January next year.

I was very surprised as the woman on the HMS phone helpline said I wouldn't get an appointment from the GP referral as they now only take them from specialists.

I was thinking that if it didn't come through I would pay to see Dr Hakim privately in the new year, and was just discussing that very thing with a friend today who has similar troubles and when I came home the appointment letter was there.

I am a little worried now as I think I may be wasting people's time and effort and money. I've seen so many different doctors, but they always shrug me off, most of the time not fully examining me at all or in full. But now I do have the physio's backing and the fact my left knee keeps popping out of place to me screaming in agony until it rights itself. I know something isn't right, but I just hope it's confirmed this time.

Thanks all for advice and help in everything, and I shall keep you posted on what happens next.

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Hi rose.It's good news that you have got your appointment to go to in the new year(its almost upon us) and I hope it all goes well for you..I

need to get a referral after I was discharged by rheumatologist at Manchester Royal( I had waited in agony with my ankle,feet and illness for over 8 months) and I'm now in limbo at the moment with newly diagnosed hypermobility eds and I am researching what to do and where to go next...

I can relate to being 'shrugged off'. It's the story of my life! It's just an awful, demoralising feeling..I'm glad you've kept going..I too have tried to put up with 'my state' and avoided seeking further referrals for periods of time,but I've been too ill and in pain to leave it..

I always liken this search for a doctors knowledge and recognition as 'looking for a needle in haystack',but it will be found🙂 and your physio seems to have been a good one..Your on your way!..Best wishes and good health x

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