Has anyone developed Varicose veins at an early age?

Hello everyone.I am wondering if anyone developed varicose veins at an early age?

I awoke one morning after another night of painful cramping in my calves,and discovered varicose veins on one calf resembling 'a bunch of grapes'. I was seventeen at the time. My GP couldn't understand it and said they would go. They didn't go and I had the veins 'stripped' at age twentyfive. My calf muscle was always tender and problamatic afterwards,and veins have appeared,blue and black,swollen and painful in the many years since.

I had suffered with terrible cramp almost nightly since the age of eleven,once being told by GP, it was my "muscles relaxing after playing sport"..I continued to suffer cramp in the thirty years after,and still do, but thankfully no longer every night.

I have always had some problem related to this and wondered how and why that was?.I came across the connection recently on this journey to (hopefully) diagnosis,where I read varicose veins at an early age is a sign of vascular EDS?..I wondered if anyone has similar experiences ?

Thank you.Best wishes x

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  • Yep, I got them in the backs of my knees and along my left thigh in my early 20s. They were pretty much dismissed as being due to being a waitress. More likely dismissed because female and on Medicaid! Hey ho

  • Hi silvergilt.I wonder did the specialists/doctors eventually connect the varicose veins to your diagnosis?

  • I'm not sure yet; I have yet to go in for my screening. But in my experience back in the day any of my symptoms were dismissed as fibromyalgia (or 'hysteria' - or whatever word they're using now for women with health issues no one can be bothered to research). It looks like a lot of symptoms I've had may be vascular EDS all along, but we will have to see.

  • yes I know what you mean! I've had/have the same, where everything can be put down to fibromyalgia.The times I've cried and felt demoralised after another doctor failed to acknowledge my physical illness and offered cbt 'for me to come to terms with fibro diagnosis'..We have to educate ourselves to be clued up enough to know what's going on with us and where to go next..Its a help to have these forums🙂 I hope you get your answers.Best of luck x

  • An update...

    I have now had my appointment with a specialist rheumatologist (as described in a different post) and I wanted to mention that one of the things I asked and got an answer to (one of very few answers) was if the varicose veins I got were related.The reply was YES!.

    The rheumatologist explained to me about collagen and stretchy skin, in relation to the hypermobility diagnosis...

    (But I am confused about the 'lack' of answers and what seemed like 'mixed' information connected to two diagnosis-EDS and vasculitis-..if indeed they were diagnosis' and not just what the rheumatologist is 'suggesting'?...which is my other post)

    But the varicose vein mystery seems to be solved!