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A hug from an invisible gorilla

At least that what it feels like. Further to my first post moaning about Stabbing and Jerking I have now started to get what I guess are spasms.. (I am never sure... I didn't even recognise contractions when I was in labour..) either side of my mid-spine and ribs its crushing and it stops me in my tracks and all I can manage to vocalise is...well perhaps that's not appropriate to say on here. It's been an interesting day.. starting with visual disturbance while making chilli, you know the bright zig-zags and general sparkly but not in a good way king of way... followed by temple pain and washed down with sharp toothache.. So, again I look to you all for answers, can anyone identify with this delightful new experience? ... the rib crusher not the other migrainey shenanigans.. I hope you are all having a good time of it at the moment.

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I would get straight in to your GP if I were you. Never had the rib crushing thing (although did get a rib pain thingy which felt like I imagine a heart attack would, but without any heart involvement).

Hope your day/week improves...


I agree with Jay66, it is always good to have new symptoms checked out by the GP just in case it is an indication of something else.



I have had this pain, on & off, for about 10 years. I was concerned that it could be an 'MS hug' my GP suggested it was neuropathic pain. I first experienced this across my thoracic ribs, on my back only, towards the end of my pregnancy. The only thing that helped was an infra red lamp. I did not experience anything like it for 20 years, when the pain returned intermittently, around my ribs, lasting up to two days. I find it hard to breathe or lie down. I bought another lamp, in anticipation, as pharmaceutical haven't helped.



I went to doc yesterday.. i went in told her i was having back spasms.. she prodded me and told me i was having back spasms. Then she said cos i have upper and lower spine damage i 'probably' have mid spine damage so no need to xray or referral to anyone. Then she gave me some tablets (Baclofen) and on reading the leaflet they interact with two of my existing tablets (Tramadol and Amitriptyline... yeah so I'm phoning the pain clinic today and speaking to my local pharmacist... I feel i wasted my time today.


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