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Red Palms

Hi I'm new to the forum and looking for information. Does anyone suffer from redness on the palms of the hands? The palms of my hands are bright red and although they feel numb but there's also a constant burning sensation, they are sensitive to heat multiplying the temperature. They also get very sweaty! I'm waiting for an appointment with a consultant and have been diagnosed with, hyper mobility syndrome (I have a Beighton score of 8), bilateral epicondylitis, bursitis, IBS, ganglions, subluxation of both thumbs,  spondylosis of the neck, migraines,  gastroparesis and problems voiding my bladder the list is endless! My Doctor doesn't understand why the consultant who I've been seeing for 18months hasn't made the leap to EDS HT. However he only made the connection when I pointed out my past medical history and listed the things I have been diagnosed with over the years. One of the most striking things was my first two children were rapid labours 45 mins and 40 mins respectively, doctors always thought that was strange. 

The only thing no one can seem to explain is why the palms of my hands are bright red. I have a lot of pain in my hands and fingers and wasting of the thenar and hyper thenar muscles but the consultant says there's no connection from the redness to the pain of loss of muscle.  Has anyone else had problems with the palms of their hands, mine are really bad when I first wake up in the mornings which I find strange. 

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My version of this is diagnosed as erythromelalgia.  But there can be other causes of this sort of burning.

I have EDH alongside a collection of other primaries & secondaries including SLE, PID, SS, Raynauds etc etc etc

My erythromelalgia (EM) affects my hands, feet, face & ears mostly.  But sometimes just affects the palms of the hands.  EM is another relatively unusual condition which many, even most, medics will be unfamiliar with.  I've run into quite a few suffering from what is possibly EM on my various healthunlocked forums

These links have helped me most to understand EM:

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