Alternative to crutches?

I might need an operation on my right ankle meaning I will need to be non weight bearing on it for 6 weeks. When I had crutches for two weeks in February I gave myself tendonitis in both wrists and sesamoiditis in both thumbs. Still being treated for these! What could I use instead of crutches if I have to go ahead with the operation? A wheelchair just wouldn't be practical at home.

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  • There are such things as 'Air Casts' which allow you to walk without needing crutches - effectively you are walking on your foot without putting weight upon it as the air cushions & supports. You could ask your hospital consultant about having one of these fitted to help you recover. Best wishes & hope all goes well.

  • Would a combination of crutches at home and wheelchair outside work for you?

    Do you have anyone at home who can help you to relax and fetch your drinks and food for you so you don't need to move on crutches too much?

    Good luck, I hope your operation has the desired outcome.

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