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Medication for pain ...advice needed

Hi everyone,

Was just wondering if you guys could offer some advice. Ive tried amitriptyline which worked great for the pain but it caused circulation problems,over-sleeping,memory loss & confusion. So next i tried pregabalin/Lyrica doesnt work as well for pain and also its made me want to itch constantly about a hour after i take it for so long im now covered in bruises. So im now going to have to come off these also. I also suffer with chronic depression so coming on and off these drugs is a nightmare for me usually resulting in me becoming suicidal. So i was wondering is there a particular drug a number of u have found helpful? If you could all let me know what you have found helpful? and what u have not found helpful?

thank you for reading guys

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Hello,I have just been put on gabapentin as I suffer extreme pain which leads to depression I am very pleased with this tablet as it alleviates the pain well which helps the depression.I had a slight 3 days side effect of a restless arms at night that is all it settled down after a few days.


Im glad it has worked well for you,sadly it does not agree with me at all x


Pain relief was discussed in the edmesh facebook group recently. There was lots of good alternative therapy suggestions you might like to have a look at the group. If you can't do that let me know and I'll try to summarise the posts


Hi cimcc could you pass me the link for the ed mesh facebook group as i cant seem to find it thank you x


Hi there,

I have had ME for about 7 years now, and for the first 3.5yrs I suffered through truly unbearable 'random' joint pain and particularly bad leg & arm restlessness, weakness, pain & heaviness. Lyrica did not work for me, Co-codamol was sometimes effective but often caused tummy issues, diclophenac sometimes helped when nothing else would touch it. I was also on the anti-depressant fluoxetine, progesterone for extreme pms, and they tried a number of other things, too, without success - Then a doctor I'd never seen before changed my meds (I must admit I muttered under my breath and thought uncharitable thoughts as he did this.... didn't he realise the potential consequences of changing dosages etc? Did he understand how ME/CFS can spike & roil & roller-coaster with even little changes, leaving me bed-bound :( ) He prescribed 60mg Cymbalta (Duloxetine) per day, stopped the fluoxetine & others & kept co-codamol / diclophenac on standby for occasional as & when treatment, not every day.

Twenty=one days later I went back to thank him, and to ask what he'd done. My pain has been 80% relieved by this medication, within 3 weeks !!!! And I'm delighted to tell you that it's still working. He explained that Cymbalta is sometimes helpful for eg long term diabetic people who suffer from neuropathic pain from nerve damage, and that he had had some success treating ME pain, too. He has been very pleased with my progress on it, too. I have been able to start working again, part time, and have extreme pain MUCH less frequently :)

I know everyone is different and what works for one does not necessarily work for another, but from the bottom of my heart I wish you luck finding what works for You xxx And I've written this tonight in case it might help somebody out there.... Discuss Duloxetine with your doctor and see if it might be suitable, or worth a try.... It has literally given me some of my life back.

PS I have also found a product called 'ME Relief' to be consistently effective in reducing 'foggy brain' and as an added bonus it seems to aid digestive function, too.

Again, Good Luck xxx Hang in there!!


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