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Muscle / breathing pain

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Thank you for your welcome

I read some posts from yrs ago so my info may not be useful to others now.


1. Breathing- I found it was the intercostal muscles causing the problems.

2. Some of my nerves have demyelinisation- EMG tests. Mainly quads. Interestingly they can produce myelin again. But not stable.

Swimming and osteopathy help a lot.

Also craniosacral therapy helps the nerves to heal the gaps/ synapse.

They can always start up again with an infection but treatment produces some improvement.

Worst problem was 3 yrs ago when I had a freak fall and broke 4 bones in the leg+ankle- Weber B. It would not knit together-

Used an Exogen machine for 90 wks. Bones now solid but only partial healing of deltoid ligament.

Able to drive which is a real blessing.


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