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HRT prescribed for M.E./ Fibro


Has anyone else been prescribed this? I finishe menopause almost 20 yrs ago and yet my gp has prescribed Climagest...... He told me it would give me energy?

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I have NEVER heard of this, although that not to say isn't a good idea. But I have had ME for a LONG time and treatment form 2 hospitals and never had that recommendation. I also stopped periods 2 years ago following a hysterectomy but GP keen to keep me off HRT and am using vitamins to stave off hot flushes.

Would query how knowledgeable a GP is about condition.....

kymkat in reply to Bevvy

I know.I have little faith in him,I am going to take a couple and tell him I had a reaction so I dont have to continue.

I have to be polite to him as my DLA is in the process of being upped so have to be diplomatic.however much I try I have yet to find a gp in my area that has a clue about M.E or fibro .

The M.E clinic at Maidstone just advised pacing,GET and talking therapies,not much use. Thanks for taking time to help.:)

I wouldn't actually take pills you don't want to! You don't know what effect they could have. Just say you took them if you have to, though it's an unfair situation if you can't just tell him you don't want to take them..! Good luck. It's a horrible situation to be in, to consider taking medicine you don't want to just to keep a doctor happy :(

I just wish I could find a decent g.p,thanks for your input. :)

Hi Kymkat

I tried HRT patches when I hit the menopause and they made my symptoms worse. It is obvious the GP doesn't understand ME. There is no good reason to prescribe HRT 20 years after menopause. I despair at the ignorance still shown by doctors over how to support patients with ME. Why doesn't he just give you some 'speed' and done with it?!!

Any drugs that just increase energy will make your symptoms worse as your body needs to be rested and you need to live within your limitations. Probably not what you want to hear but I have found that the ME always wins if you fight it or push against it.

Personally I wouldn't take the tablets. They are not an appropriate treatment.

Best of luck with your DLA.

kymkat in reply to ME65

I totally agree with everything you have said but as usual us M.E sufferers have to put up with all the bad treatment we are usually allotted with good grace and without complaint but next time I see him I will be armed with the NICE guidelines,thanks for your kind reply.

ME65 in reply to kymkat

I'm not sure the NICE guidelines are much use. They just recommend pacing, GET and counselling. Have you heard of Action for ME? They have lots of fact sheets and leaflets and can offer telephone support. I have been a member for many years and I don't think I could have survived without their newsletters and just knowing I was not alone. I used to go along to my doctor with articles from the magazines and any leaflets that I thought would help to educate her! Their website is

kymkat in reply to ME65

No hon,it's not me that needs educating about M.E,and I don't say that in a big headed's the g.p that needs to adhere to the NICE guidelines.

I have several useful sites I use and Actionfor

M.E is amongst them I agree.

My half sister lives across the country and there is defininately a postcode lottery with regards to the care received.

In Wales there is little help. One woman has been waiting 4 years for a diagnosis! Her GP says she cannot diagnosis ME and neither can any of the other GPs in the Practice either. So she is not really getting any ME treatment! Not funny at all. Wales is just getting Champions for ME in each Health Board and had their 1st meeting, but two HBs have not appointed anyone. But how they will support people is anyone's guess, or what they will recommend either!

Not hrt , but a new dr recently prescribed me with pregablin for my fibro, it has taken away the pain, and is working to help me sleep also.

when I was on hrt for meno some years back it caused me to grow fibroids, so I wouldn't recommend it x

I was prescribed HRT, but I felt like an engine running at full speed and body couldn't keep up. Heart racing etc. I've been diagnosed with Fibro/Sondyloarthropies for years, and nothing helped except Gabapentin and now Amitriptyline... It certainly helps with the nerve pain, but now discovered am B12 deficient. I started on Jarrow Methyl B12 lozenges and began to feel better after a few days. Check out this website which is very interesting and could help with all the symptoms of Fibro. It's really helped me! Good Luck!

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