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I have set up a petition to abolish the current Atos/ Capita, Pip and Esa assessments that do not recognise fluctuating conditions

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I have set up a petition on Change.org.uk. link below!


To abolish the current Atos/Pip assessments that use the Lima tick boxing method which doesn't take into account or recognise long-term chronic illnesses / conditions that are very dibilitating and fluctuating.

Like ME, Chronic fatigue, fibromylagia, Ms, Mental health and many more!.

Long-term recipients have been set up to fail!!

The DWP, Capita and Atos are having an adverse effect on people's mental health and wellbeing with these assessments.

The government are failing the most vulnerable in society.

We are being demoralised, and we degraded and ignored!.

The Assessors lie in their reports to deny support to those that need it, often targeting those with invisible illnesses and we have to fight to stop this deplorable treatment.

I Have fibromylagia/Chronic fataigue and post cancer fatigue.

Please sign this petition and share and social media tobri g about this change

Thank you

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