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CPAD and insurance harrassment

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Hi I am new here and have had chronic fatigue for 2 years now. I got it as a result of having autoimmune disease followed by chronic stress chronic migraines and then a virus that left me with no energy. I am constantly being sent for tests my my workplace income protection company which adds to stress. The latest is going to be a home test over 2 days lasting five hours a CPAD test. This is utterly useless for me as I can perform housework walking etc for short periods etc but then crash and have to take to bed. I can do 15 minute walks every second day etc but this won't show on this test. Does anyone have experience with this? Is it a valid test,? Don't think I can handle any more from insurance company but need payments as have no other income. Can anyone help? I also suffer anxiety and depression and thinking about this is causing panic and anxiety

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hello miggles,sorry things are not going very well for you.are you a member of a union? because they can help,does your company have a welfare officer ? I know this is basics but you have to start from there any one from your management that you could talk to? what ever happens do not resign from your job as this will have a detrimental effect on any benefits you may try to claim after being a reader of this excellent forum I fully realise that you have a big battle ahead of you,a lot of people including some doctors refuse to accept certain conditions and will say anything to try and discredit you and your ailments.i have yet to meet anyone who is lying about being ill! I know what I have written is of no real help to you but I really feel for you as will other readers do so keep on going,you sound like someone who does not give in,warmest wishes for a better healthier future

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Thank you there is no union in my company but I myself am a member and have decided to go to ombudsman with all my letters etc. I am not doing the CPAD test as cannot afford the detrimental effects of stress from insurance company any longer. I know company are just waiting for an excuse to say there is nothing wrong with me to fire me! It us hard to keep fighting them as it takes all your energy which should be spent on trying to get well. Thank you for your reply😊

Hi, feel sorry for you and would love to help, would you like to try something new? send request to, you can read my story in the forum (

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