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I am new here

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I have ME/cfs and multiple auto immune conditions. I am looking for help to support my immune system

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Feel for you, I had CFS for 7 years.

How long have you had it? What are your symptoms?

Do you think it initially started from an illness?

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Multiple triggers:

Stressful time with divorce

Allergic reaction to antibiotics

Mild concussion from coming off my bike

Exposure to organophosphate

Bad virus, off work for a week- first time ever

.... never been the same since.

How about you?

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Hi, sorry for delayed reply was working on something new, mine came following a virus also, and now mine is gone :) How are you feeling? You can read my story in the forum xboost.me and if you would like to try it for free and see if it makes a difference for you just send me an email at trials@xboost.me


I think not everyone's situation is identical, however very common elements are stress, trauma, and post illness. Continual stress could be also be a cause of Adrenalin Fatigue which can be crippling to one's energy levels and can lead to a depressive state. Also you would need to carry our other tests to ensure that there are no other ailments to deal with (your GP should advise you on this).

It's a very slow process to get back to 'normal". I can recommend Ubiquinol coq10, taken at breakfast with food to help regenerate energy levels, and perhaps Ginko Biloba at lunchtime. They take a few weeks to kick in but many have found this helpful.

Also you require adequate rest, and you would need to start an exercise regime, starting with just a very few mild exercises (even in your own home) and then building up really slowly as your body hopefully starts to recover.

It's a very very long process so patience is key.

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