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New boy on the block seeks support

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Hi! After many years of putting up with my condition and being told it was my age! I think I have finally found out what's wrong with me. I have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and I am looking for any support group/tips or information i can get. I live in Worcester, UK. Thank you.

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Hi Rich,

I live in Worcester too and also recently diagnosed! I've self referred through healthy minds for some cbt as apparently beneficial. Have you been seen by the cfs consultant. I think you need to be referred from them for other aspects of support.

Take care


Hello Rich,

Several months ago I got an appointment at UCLH- University College London Hospital for help on how to control my CFS. I saw the occupational therapist and she gave my some great advice on how to improve my energy levels and mood. I have had CFS for almost two years now and going to UCLH has been a massive help. I highly recommend getting an appointment.

I hope you are better soon,


the best thing I’ve done by a long way is get a heart rate monitor:

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