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Has any one here ever beat the dizziness?


Hello everyone,

I am 30 years old male from easter Europe, who has been suffering from unexplained, continues fatigue and dizziness for over 2 months now. Went through all the doctors again, to confirm that all of my test are clean.

I had something similar (actually worse) 2 years ago, when I all of the sudden felt weak and dizzy, with sever heart arrhythmia. I've spent a fortune on doctors and medical investigations. Everyone would just tell me I'm fine and recommend me go home get some rest. Obviously that wasn't going to help me!

I literally spent days just sitting and thinking what could be the cause, trying to understand my body, maybe remember something important. I went many times through the day when it all started.

Finally I came to a memory from my senior year in high school, when I remember that one morning waking up extremely hangover, for no reason. I carried through the day; it was extremely hard and exhausting - very similar to what I was feeling back then (2 years ago). And what I did recall is how I treated it back then. It was a coccis cyst! All opened up and watering, so I applied some antiseptics on it, and next morning I was fine! And cyst as I know, even if not opened or active, are there forever.

So it took me a while to actually find a surgeon, who would let him self convinced to open it up and scoop that thing out; plus he kept telling me how that is unrelated to my symptoms and it's almost a waste of time. Despite lack of inflation or any recommendations for a surgery, I asked him really kindly to perform it. For cash of-course.

It wasn't a walk in the park. Shot to the spine, surgery going for about 30 minutes, 1 week recovery, but guess what, my fatigue, palpitations, dizziness, shortness of breath, low blood pressure, brain fog - everything, was GONE! Within a week.

I went 8 months through this hell and it never ever got any better or away for 1 minute. It was that constant walking dead condition. Which I pretty much am having again right now.. sadly.

Moral of my story is - never give up. There is a cure. If one can wound it, then it can be killed.

This condition usually comes over night, so it can leave over night!

It's like a quest really, you need to find what triggered it. And please don't take stress as an answer, that's BS, a lot of people are in a lot of stress, but none of them goes into zombie mode afterwards, for the rest of their lives.

And important is to always keep moving. If you can't walk, and some of you can not walk much, as I remember me almost collapsing a few times on the street, I suggest try riding a bike. 1 mile a day and increase slowly. Every day a few more yards will be a little victory.

Keep looking, there is a solution. Life is so much more than just sitting around watching TV. Invest all the time you have into finding the cause.

Would love to hear similar stories from other members.

Good luck folks and God bless you all.


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