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Cfs me -- antibiotics


Has anyone tried long term antibiotics for cfs me and/or Fibro? They worked for me and I was in bad shape for a year. They also worked for my friends neice

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Not been tried but if you could give me some more information I'd be grateful. Bedbound X 41/2 in darkness and mainly silence isn't much fun!! Thanks


Anti biotics wont do a thing for fibro or cfs. They would both generate antibiotic resistance and suppress and confuse the inmune system further. The likelyhood is that you probably have nervous exhaustion after a long term infection or glandular fever type illness. Or a big trauma. Gentic predisposition plays a big part in true fibro and cfs cases and because of this its no surprise your neice has it as well. I expect a temporary immune system boost like anti biotics did make you feel better but over use of anti biotics in a fibro or cfs patient will make an already confused immine system much harder to assist the next time you have a clear sign of infection. Many novice doctors will prescribe anti b's as they see excess white blood cells in a patients urine. This is normally a sign of infection but in a cfs /fibro patient it is also a sign that the nervous system is kicking off false flags.. ie those "im infected and need anti biotics" white blood cells. Fibromyalgia does make u weaker if you do get an infection. For that reason you should always avoid anti b's unless you are treating an underlying disease like lyme disease or have infection. If you overuse anti biotics you will get to a point where a basic case pf pneumonia can kill you because your body is anti biotic resistant from too many anti b's. You would do better with a regular organic quality vitamin to keep your immune system strong. Research nervous system irritants and endocrine disrupors....and cut down on any of those. It will really help your fibro and the cfs. You wont need a script for those anti bs anymore. And if you randomly get sick from a real dont need to worry about your anti biotics not working you wont be anti biotic resistant if you dont take em too often. Then you will always get the best out of anti biotics when you need them. A much better treatment plan for a fibro patient would be prebiotics. And pro biotics. Defo not anti biotics unless you definitely have an infection .

Hope youre managing fibro better soon. :) xx

Ohms140 in reply to Hidden

What they're finding out is that people like me and my friends neice DID have infections and we were both diagnosed with cfs and Fibro. So they're worth a try to see if they work. One try of antibiotics for a month or so won't hurt you. I have another friend who takes them all the time. Not ideal but at least he can move.


The antibiotics wont be doing much if hes taking them uneccesarily. Unwise move. Look up antibiotic gaurdianship.. it is the only way the human race will survive. ;)

If you take antibiotics and they don't work, then yes, you're taking them unnecessarily. If you take them and they work, then you're able to live your life again. There's only one way to find out and that is to try them. Many people who were diagnosed with CFS stumbled by accident on the antibiotic relief. This also happened to me. I was sick with CFS for about a year when I was going through such a rough spell that I went to the emergency room to get an antibiotic in hopes that I would feel a little relief from the bad sore throats that I was having. The ER doctor gave me a 7 day supply of an antibiotic, and what happened was not only did my sore throat go away -- ALL the fatigue, ALL the Fibro pain -- everything just vanished like it was never there. Then after the antibiotic was stopped the symptoms crept back again. So that's when I went to see a specialist who prescribed them for three months. I did get 100 percent remission for a whole year after that. Then I caught a cold and relapsed but it was NOTHING like it was in the beginning, and with pacing I return to almost normal. The only thing I can't do anymore is hours of aerobics but I live a normal life which I wasn't living AT ALL prior to the antibiotics. They're not going to work for everybody but they definitely worked for me, my friends niece and also other people with cfs. Cfs is just a name they call something if they don't know what it is. It could have been a Lyme infection, an Epstein Barr virus or mono, the list goes on an on.

Yes it's true. I'm sure most of the people on this forum share the same diagnose but by far not the same disease/condition.

The symptoms are just so common for soooo many illnesses. Most of the chronic and quite hard to detect. So doctors are sometimes lazy and ignorant, so unless it's an obvious cause they won't bother much. Would tell you a few times to go home, get some rest, maybe prescribe you an antidepressant and if none of it works, they would just diagnose you with CF/ME and bey bey. Have a wonderful life!

These are signs our body gives us to know that something is wrong. But unless you will advocate your own health and fight for the result, no one else will. Doctors are humans just like us who are somewhat lazy and want to get off work earlier as well.

Keep fighting. Many have beaten this condition. That means any of us can!

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