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coping with depression part 4

hi! after a while I took peoples advice and phoned the dwp,only to be told that the interview that we had over 6 months ago was not for pip but esa I have been on the sick now for over 22 years.the dwp sent me a duplicate letter telling me that I was entitled to esa and that I do not need to send any more sick notes in,I have not had a sick note for over .15 years!,they said that I was not fit for work!when pressed about the pip I was told that they would be in touch eventually about an interview,however they do not know when!so... I am no further forward I am still worried sick about this whole business.no apologies from the dwp,so all I can do is to eat humble pie and beg for your forgiveness and understanding over this drastic affair!,i really appreciated your kind words and comments,they do help! finally the young lassie who lives next door and who had her pip application turned down over a year ago now has a date for her appeal......the end of march!! MY LOVE AND BEST WISHES TO YOU ALL WHO HAVE SENT ME ENCOURAGING MESSAGES,THEY HAVE HELPED!!!!!

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This is SO rubbish and unfair. I guess you just have to hang in there and keep going.? At least you continue to get DLA whilst this being sorted.....

Feel free to message me if you just want to talk.

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thanks bevvy,you are a star!!!!!


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