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help me get a diagnosis

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I've been unwell for 16 months and my dr. has finally come to the conclusion i have ME however i need a referral to a specialist which has been bounced twice... dose anyone know of a specialist i can see privately in the Hertfordshire (uk) area ?

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Don't know anything available in your immediate area. But if you can get to Queens hospital in Romford Essex they offer an extremely good CFS/ME clinic which offers appointments for people throughout the country.

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martha_taunt in reply to Bevvy

thank you ill have a look ...

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If you go on to the Action for ME website they have a map of all the ME facilities. Just type in your postcode. Here's a link

Good luck x

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hello, I am also someone who has had M.E> for 20 years. I was lucky as then we had a national m.e. centre in Essex, however its not the case any more. If you check out The M.E. association website they may have some links to help. Unfortunately treatment hasn't moved on, as they have not found an identifiable root cause, and are still researching. Good luck

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Sorry to hear that your referral to a specialist has been bounced twice. I know that you have been told about the Queens Hospital in Romford, they did have a M.E. clinic but it shut about 7 years ago, the only one I know is in Chelmsford . Best of luck. I am now look after by my G.P.

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martha_taunt in reply to Skyfreddy

Thank you that's really helpful

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Bevvy in reply to Skyfreddy

Sorry but you are wrong. ME / CFS clinic still exists at Queens hospital Romford. I should know I attend it!

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You could go privately? That could be expensive but if you are trying to get a benefit then this very useful. There is Dr W Weir who sees people. But each of the ME Groups has a medical person and the Groups can advise you where to go.

All the very best,


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