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Useful Aids

Hi all,

Since I seem to be getting progressively worse health-wise, I thought it might be time to look for some useful aids to make life a little easier on all of us.

I have 2 children; a boy aged 5 and a girl under 1 year. My Husband is currently having to do the majority of the domestic stuff like cooking, cleaning and childcare. He has also offered to help me shower and dress.

The demands on us are ever-increasing. My children are known to Social Services and we are expected to maintain a high standard of cleanliness within the Home. We are also expected to be clean and presentable and to cook from scratch most days.

I have been unable to work since late 2012 due to migraines and joint pain. I also suffer with mental health issues and am thought to be Dyspraxic.

We live in a ground floor property which features a wetroom with grab rails and a shower with optional fold-down seat. However, I am finding that even sitting down to shower is often too much to cope with because I am simply too tired and in so much pain.

I already use a walking stick to help me get around outdoors.

I also have a sock/stocking aid, a spill-not and some easy-grip cutlery.

I have found some no-rinse shampoo and body cleanser on Amazon, which I am hoping will take care of the shower issue when I don't feel up to it.

I have also thought about possibility buying;

A long-handled brush and comb set, some dry wipes, a button hook/zip puller, and a fold-down chair or two.

I intend to ask my GP for a physio referral because I feel that my walking stick is no longer providing enough support to help me get around. The physio may also be able to make a further referral for some insoles to help with the pain in my lower limbs.

If anyone has any further suggestions regarding useful aids/products etc, I would welcome them.

Thanks in advance :)

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Hi Becky.

I understand your inability to cope with a shower. If I try to sit under a shower I feel faint and exhausted. I need to be helped into a bath and lie there for about half an hour to get the energy to get out and back to bed. Even so I only bath once a week as it takes it out of me. I have a carer in every day and they assist me to wash in bed. I lie on a bath towel with another over me and have a soapy flannel and rinsed one passed to me to wash. They wash what I can't reach and help me dry and dress. I have a wheeled commode chair for being pushed to the bathroom. You can request one from Social Services if you think it would help with getting around the flat as they turn corners easier than a regular wheelchair.

As you are in so much pain have you been referred to a Pain Clinic? They may be able to suggest ways of coping.

Wishing you well x


Hi ME65, thank you for the reply.

I have an appointment with a GP on Tuesday to discuss things.

Our flat is very cramped and I think if I needed any kind of aid to help me get around indoors (beyond a walking stick), we would have to find somewhere else to live.

Similarly, if I needed outside care (i.e, from an agency) I doubt our current Home would pass a risk assessment.

We are receiving help from Home Start in an effort to get on top of things clutter-wise and I am finding this very hard going, physically.

I am currently getting Disability Living Allowance which breaks down to lower-rate mobility and middle-rate care. However, this will soon change to PIP, which I'm told is much tougher in terms of qualifying criteria.

My claim was processed well before my current physical health problems became apparent and was awarded on the basis of my mental health, as well as migraines and joint pain.


Good luck on Tuesday :-) x


Ask for an occupational therapist visit as this will update evidence of disability useful when making a PIP claim as and when this happens.


Just thought I would give an update following my GP visit earlier today.

Turns out I need a completely new set of bloods because the last lot are out of date :(

I was also advised to reduce my migraine medication because this could be contributing to my current difficulties.

The Doctor is thinking it could be a thyroid problem.

I don't *want* to be diagnosed with M.E/CFS but I seriously doubt a thyroid problem would cause this level of impairment in a previously (almost) healthy individual.

On a slightly different note, I was able to order the no-rinse shampoo and body wash I read about and I am hoping to try these out when I feel up to it.

I have also been able to brush my hair for the first time in (I'm not even sure how many) days, thanks to my new long-handled brush and comb set.


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