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The Difference between ME/CFS and Fibro

Hello there. 

After a long fight, I have been diagnosed with ME. I was diagnosed in 2014 actually but only found out about six months ago when I got my first specialist appointment.

What I'd like to know, is what is the difference between ME/CFS and Fibro? 

The symptoms seem very similar and the only conclusion I have drawn up is that fibro has the main symptom as pain, and ME/CFS has the main symptom as fatigue. 

I am curious as I struggle greatly with pain all over my body. Is it possible it might not be ME? That it could be fibro instead? Are they treated differently?

Thanks :)

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the symptoms of fibro and m.e can overlap you could check the full symptoms list as the humming bird for m.e website.also for more info you might want to check out pheonix rising which is a very active wabsite with a great deal of helpful info 


Fibro was supposed to have the pressure points in common but I was told they have dismissed that as it was impossible for different people to apply the same pressure. My local department seems to lump the 3 titles all into one and tries to treat the symptoms.

P.R site is good, also for getting an idea on how to help yourself.


The defining difference between ME and FM is that with ME there is always post-exertional malaise. That means any physical or mental effort is followed by more fatigue than would be considered normal and recovery can take days or if very over-exerted, months. 

Hope this helps.

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