New to this , I have had Fybromyalgia since the days when it wasn't generally recognised by the NHS and there was only one FMG association support office in the North of the UK. Decades later I am still working despite having Prostate kidney and Liver problems and arthritis related to the FMG . Most of the posts I have read seem to be from young whingers that don't want to work but are seeking assistance in getting benefits. Get some moral fibre and go and DO a JOB you CAN DO

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  • I find this post quite offensive.

  • Not trying to be offensive, read some posts like I have and come back to me with something more constructive.

  • Hi, rumblebum. Welcome to the edmesh HealthUnlocked group.

    I’m very sorry to hear about your health problems but please try to be respectful of the other members of the group.

  • Many people would love to work but cannot find a way to do so because of their health. You have been fortunate to be able to work but some people are in too much pain in order to hold down a job.

  • How can you post such a thing? surely knowing the scrutiny we are all already up against. It is severely offensive! My career was taken from me with this illness and I came off benefits to go back to college after being bound to the house for over a year which had me almost to the point of a break down. Many of us long to work I personally envy those who do have the privilege of working and I still strive to get back to it. Though the bleak possiblity is I may not ever have the opportunity.

    Whingeing is better than criticising what you clearly do not understand!

  • i do not think it is whingeing to print your personal and in many cases painful life experiences with others in order to give comfort to the many people who feel isolated by their ill health. perhaps rumblebum is one of the lucky people to of had pain meds without horrendous side effects. unfortunately near fourty percent of the population are not so lucky.

  • A very offensive and extremely unhelpful remark. This is supposed to be a forum for support not criticism.

    Like many others I DID work for 30 years but had my ability to do so eroded over many of the latter years and finally taken away from me as a result of a big breakdown at work over four years ago. My husband also struggles with his own health issues and between us we are struggling to simply exist. This debilitating condition affects all aspects of your ability to simply function on a daily basis, including your self-esteem which is severely degraded by being unable to work.

    We would both dearly love to be able to support ourselves properly again like any normal person but are UNABLE to work not unwilling.

    Why did you bother joining a friendly helpful forum like this if that is your attitude? Please try and be more supportive. I'm sure everybody here would dearly love to be well and working again.

  • I am visiting one woman who is in severe pain all day and every day. She can't hold things securely and she can't feel the soles of her feet so stumbles and falls. She spends most days on her bed with a blanket and hot water bottle trying to get some relief from her pain. She cannot sleep because of the pain. There is no-one who could employ her as she can rarely go out and cannot sit up for very long. If she could work she'd be very happy. Just be very happy that you have the ability to work and that you are not totally disabled by it.

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