I`ve now had M.E and Fibro for the last 23 years and It is very very hard to get DLA I used to get it and I`ve just give up trying to apply for it, I do have a Blue Badge at the moment but that runs out at the end of the month and I didn`t know if I`ll get it renewed.

All of you will get more help through the Student office and if any of you want to talk to me I`ll try and help you out x

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  • Hello. I know what it is like trying to get DLA - now PIP. Someone I know was afraid to try as she couldn't stress herself to do it and didn't know how. I worked on it with her in small bites over 4 weeks and listened to her problems carefully. She just called me and she has the max mobility and care components! We are both thankful and amazed! But I'd also done the forms with her friend, to change from DLA to PIP and she also go max in both. Another young man had to change likewise and we got max for him too. It's hard work, but it's worth doing it. Could help you over the phone as you should not suffer without the money that is there for you.

  • Can I ask which area you are in please? Due to cognitive problems I'm really going to struggle with my dla to pip form which is due in the next week or so :-(

  • I live in South Wales. Where are you?

  • Hello and how are you doing?

  • How are we allowed to get in touch?

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